Thailand is a destination where one can find various world class hotels. A hotel is mostly rated by the facilities and services it provides or offers. There are various hotels that compete with each other for the top spot amongst the various hotels in Sukhumvit, where Lohas Residences is located.

Visitors who have been to Lohas Residences know exactly what is obtainable at the hotel. Facilities for both business and recreation are some of what is obtainable at Lohas. Besides the spacious and well-furnished rooms and suites, these are some other facilities that you can find at the hotel;

Some recreational or leisure facilities found in this hotel are:

1.Fitness Centre: Not every hotel in Sukhumvit has fitness centers. At Lohas Residences, there is not only adventure but also a chance to keep you fit and healthy. The fitness center is fit with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. What is more? You do not have to be charged to use this facility.

2.Jacuzzi: Nothing beats the feeling of slipping into a Jacuzzi after a stressful day of shopping or traveling around the Sukhumvit Avenue.

3.Sauna: You may have stored quite a lot of toxins within your body without knowing. If you want to flush them out and improve your health, there is a sauna facility right at Lohas Residences. That means you do not have to go too far in search of healthy living when you are in Lohas Residences.

4.Restaurant Services: At the restaurant in Lohas Residences, you can have a wide variety of delicacies and local cuisines for your sweet tooth. Whether you want to have a taste of the Thai food or any other international dish, Lohas Residences have got you covered.

5.There is also dining and entertainment facility in the hotel. The management of the hotel has dedicated so much time and resources to ensuring that visitors experience a memorable time while at Lohas.

If you are in Lohas Residences and still wish to keep an eye on your businesses, you are in luck. There are internet facilities and most importantly, free Wi-Fi at Lohas, giving you the opportunity to save cash you'd have used to purchase internet data plans.

With these and more facilities put in place, it is quite difficult not to be impressed with the services offered at Lohas Residences. It’s time to jump on your next flight down to Bangkok and book the hotel in the Heart of the city.