If you are making plans to visit Bangkok this year but have been postponing, this month (October) is the best time you should pick your bags and fly down to the enchanting city.

Nature has been pleased with the city thereby causing prolonged hours of sunshine this October. The sun shines for up to 16 hours, however, the city sees a few minutes of rainfall in between.

But that is just nothing compared to the activities that have been set to take place in the city this month.

Prominent among the activities that will take place in Bangkok this month is the “International Festival of Music and Dance.” This festival takes place annually and this is the 20th year since its inception. You will have a chance to enjoy music, opera from different artists and music groups from different parts of the world.

Another activity this October is the “Bangkok Art Biennale 2018.” The Art Biennale brings together, several artists and they are about 75 in number. This event is inaugural and the artists that will participate would be coming from 33 different countries. They are to perform to suit the theme of the event which is titled “Beyond Bliss.” The sites where these arts will take place are popular Wat Pho, Wat Prayoon, and Wat Arun.

Also taking place is the ‘knack market’ which is done every month. The trade fair gives customers the chance to shop at highly discounted prices and to get to see other new creative products in the market. It begins from 29 September through to December.

While at that, the ‘Legendary Swordsman,’ a popular acrobatics galore will take place on October 6th at Thunder Dome in Muang Thong. Another interesting activity that is a must see for everyone who is in Bangkok.

The Beer Belly Oktoberfest also promises to be exciting for brew lovers who just want to cut loose and play. Come and have a fill of your favorite German brews such as Paulaner, Eihenstephaner, and others. If you have wanted to see the museum, now is one of the best times to do so.

Decoding Thainess museum in Siam will be hosting an exhibition to mark its return to life. Here you can learn a lot about Thailand roots and culture.

To get the most of these activities, you might need to book a place on time as there might be a rush for rooms in several classy hotels near Sukhumvit.

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