Besides using the rapid mass transport such as BTS or MRT, taxis are another easy and convenient way to get around in Bangkok. Finding a taxi in the capital shouldn't be a problem at all, especially around hotels, shopping malls and tourist attractions. Also in residential areas with tourists such as a serviced apartment in sukhumvit taxis are waiting to drive you. Most taxis are pretty new and the majority is a certain brand of car while the colors of the taxi doesn't matter much. They just belong to different companies but operate (in theory) to the announced terms, fares and features of the government. The fare starts at 35 Baht for the first 2 kilometers and increases by 2 Baht per driven kilometer. While standing in traffic jams, a surcharge of 1.5 Baht per minute applies when moving with a speed less than 6 km/h.

The communication with taxi drivers can be a little problematic as most can't speak or read English well therefore it is recommended to have your desired destination available written in Thai letters. Available taxis have turned on a glowing red sign behind their windscreen, green means the taxi is busy. You can flag a taxi at the road by waving your flat hand around waist height. Don't wave or gesticulate wildly around as it would make you look awkward. When you have stopped a taxi, you have to tell the driver your destination. By law, they are required to take you anywhere, but in reality they often refuse with some excuses like it's too far, he doesn't know how to get there or too much traffic on the way. Don't take it personally and just look for the next available taxi.

While riding be aware that eventual fees for tollways and expressways must be paid separately by the passenger in addition to the regular fare. When you get out of the taxi watch out for passing motorcycles and other cars. Tipping your driver is not required however rounding up to the nearest 5 or 10 Baht is a nice gesture. On the other hand, it's good to have small notes and coins for the correct amount because taxis often pretend not to carry change. When you get out, make sure you haven't left any valuables or shopping bags behind. A word to the alternatives to public taxis. Currently, there is only Grab as ride-hailing service in Thailand and this mostly in Bangkok and other major cities or tourist centers. Grab is convenient to use but a little more expensive than public taxis. However, the advantages are plenty for example order a taxi at remote locations, a determined price when you book the taxi, several categories from small cars to luxury or larger cars and even motorcycle rides can be booked.

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