Every year millions of tourists plan a trip to their ideal destination hubs thousands of miles away from home. For most, it’s the desire to explore new grounds and experience the thrills they have heard about from previous vacationers in their destination spots. A good number of these tourists and vacationers head to Asia with their final stops being Bangkok, Thailand.

Thailand is the land of smiles and it's only fitting to want to explore this country and find out what makes it tick. How best would you do this if not pay a visit the state capital – Bangkok? The big mango as it's fondly called has some top destination spots for tourists and if you are thinking of heading over you should probably do so.

Some of the fun things you can do in Bangkok include:

Shopping: If you are a shopaholic, you’d find that there are lots of great places to spend your cash and receive your money’s worth of items no matter what you are looking out for whether fashion, gears or snacks. One of the top spots of vacationers in Bangkok is Siam Paragon that houses over 250 shops in the magnificent mall. Impressively, there are showrooms for top automobile manufacturers like Lamborghini and Ferrari in the complex.

Visit the Grand Palace: The Grand Palace is an ornate royal palace which used to house the kings of Siam. Now a museum, this complex of buildings is open to tourists to explore the magnificent edifice originally built in 1782. It’s unarguably the most famous tourist attraction in Bangkok, so be sure to mark it as a place of interest for your next vacation.

Ride the Sky Train: The sky train is the best way to move around Thailand’s capital Bangkok. It takes you through almost all the favorite places you should explore in Bangkok and the best of it all; you get to skip the mad Bangkok traffic.

Prior to making your trip to Bangkok, be sure to have your accommodation planned out by booking a place where you’d retire to after a strenuous but enjoyed day. A hotel in Sukhumvit the heart of the city is what you need and thankfully, Lohas Residences is just fitting.