As you might have already noticed, food, particularly street food, is available 24-7 everywhere in Bangkok. It has evolved over centuries and come to the point, that CNN once named it the best city in the world for street food. And even if these simple affairs are not your thing, in the past years classy restaurants with local and international cuisine have made Bangkok a true paradise for food lovers. Good eateries are spread evenly all over the city – also one near your hotel or serviced apartment in Sukhumvit. So where should you head for the mouth-watering food? Instead of naming particular restaurant and stalls — because they tend to change rather quickly their name, chef or owner and therefore the associated cuisine — we will introduce you to certain areas of Bangkok where you most likely find honest and good food.

1. Chinatown

As the name already implies, here you can sample from all the different dishes that Chinese emigrants have brought to Thailand centuries ago. Now, they are an integral part of the Thai cuisine and not to be missed anymore. The food in Chinatown ranges from obscurities such as birds nest and shark-fin soup to classics like roasted duck. Seafood lovers will also be delighted with the displays of fresh fish, crab and shrimps. The Best time is to come at dusk when the main road is transformed into a big communal restaurant and the neon signs illuminate the whole area as in a movie scene.

2. Old city area (Phra Nakhon)

This area is located near Chinatown and the extension of Charoen Krung Road. Another landmarks in the old city are the Golden Mountain Temple, the Democracy Monument and the Giant Swing. Several markets and long-established stalls and hole-in-the-wall restaurants are exciting western food bloggers and satisfying hungry locals as well. Here you can find traditional Thai cuisine at reasonable prices but be prepared to sometimes eat your meals on plastic chairs on the sidewalk. But isn't that part of the street food experience?

3. Sukhumvit and Silom

If fancy restaurants and instagram-worthy interior or decoration of your dishes are your thing, then you should consider having a meal in one of the numerous restaurants in these two districts. They can be mostly found in air conditioned shopping malls, either as individual businesses or part of a franchise. That all doesn't matter much, here the variety of foods counts and there is nothing that can't be found. Additionally, all major hotels in this area have at least one international restaurant that welcomes also non-hotel guests.

To get the most of these activities, you might need to book a place on time as there might be a rush for rooms in several classy Lohas Residences hotels near Sukhumvit.