When you are visiting Bangkok and probably are staying in one of the Sukhumvit Soi 4 Hotels, you should not miss seeing one of the main attractions — the Grand Palace and the Royal Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Though Bangkok has over 400 temples, these two are a must see and they are symbol of Thailand’s rich culture, art, architecture and spirit. As for most other temples, there is a rather strict dress code but as the Grand Palace is on Royal Grounds, it is imperative to adhere to their rules.

Therefore, in order not to spoil your trip to the Grand Palace, we are giving you some recommendations about how to dress properly. Here is a list of clothing items that you should avoid: Shorts, short skirts, leggings (anything that exposes the ankles), ripped jeans or anything with holes, see-through shirts, sleeveless shirts or vests, sweat shirts and pants, fisherman trousers, backless clothing, sandals and flip-flops without socks.

However, in case you come not prepared to visit the Grand Palace in the correct dress code, you might borrow or rent appropriate clothing right at the entrance or from some shops nearby. In general, as addition to the above negative list, woman should wear a maxi dress with a long sleeve shirt or a cardigan and man simply by wearing trousers and a t-shirt. Remember, scarves and shawls are not allowed to cover up your shoulders in case you are wearing a sleeveless item. As you will experience, Thailand is a hot country. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear light clothing made from cotton or linen, don’t forget sunglasses and there is also the possibility to change your clothing from casual to the required dress code in the changing rooms provided at the Grand Palace. Also, it is required that you take off your shoes for visiting some areas, for this we recommend not to wear any expensive footwear as they could be stolen. We are sure after reading this article, you will enjoy and get the most out of your visit to the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

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