Besides the attractions like temples, food and shopping that Bangkok is well-known for, there has been a constant development of international hospitals in Bangkok and Thailand in general. Nowadays the status of healthcare in Bangkok and all other bigger cities in the country can be compared to western standards. Especially hospitals such as Siriraj Hospital, Bumrungrad International Hospital or the BDMS group are catering towards foreigners and have made Thailand a popular destination for medical tourism. Most of these hospitals are ideally located in the center of Bangkok and some hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital are specialized towards medical tourism.

Siriraj Hospital is the largest and oldest hospital in Thailand and has an excellent reputation. The medical school is affiliated to the well-known Mahidol Univerisrity and beside that it is the largest public hospital in Thailand. Also, it was the residence for the late King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej, from September 2009 until his passing away on 13 October 2016.

The hospitals of the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services or BDMS can be found in Bangkok as well spread all over Thailand. They are the largest private healthcare group with specialists in every field of medicine and the latest equipment available. To serve the patients with the best care, BDMS has designated nine hospitals throughout the network as Centers of Excellence. These centers are capable of offering the highest quality of clinical treatments to the patients as well as providing first class customer service.

Bumrungrad International Hospital is a private medical center in Bangkok. It has multiple departments of specialty medicine and is one the world's popular medical tourism destinations. The management as well as the medical treatment is certified by several internationally recognized institutions and organizations. For example, it has international healthcare accreditation from the American private company Joint Commission International (JCI) and ranks at number 9 of the top ten hospitals in the world. Further, it has an impressing record of more than 520,000 international patients from over 190 countries.

Once you decided for a treatment at one of these hospitals, you probably need a hotel near Bumrungrad Hospital for the time before and after your procedure or for your family during the whole period — Lohas Residences is conveniently located and just one kilometer away.