There is so much to experience in Bangkok, especially around the Sukhumvit neighborhood. Great restaurants, bars, nightclubs, world-class shopping centers, amazing temples and more! Sukhumvit offers so many options for intrepid travelers, it will certainly take more than a couple of weeks of explore. A serviced apartment in Sukhumvit, rather than a regular hotel, is perfect for people wishing to stay in Bangkok a little longer than usual: retirees, international workers, medical tourists, digital nomads, etc. Lohas Serviced Apartments are very central in Sukhumvit and also nearby Bumrungrad Hospital, making Lohas both the perfect base for those wishing to soak up the experiences of Bangkok and those recovering from medical treatment. We can recommend a serviced apartment in Sukhumvit as a convenient and economical alternative if you’re planning to stay in Bangkok for more than a week or two. It’s worth noting that Thai authorities have started to crack down on many ‘holiday apartments’ provided by services such as Airbnb. These apartments are not legally licensed as local hotels. So we advise against using these services, because of the potential legal problems which could affect the validity of your travel insurance.

For those looking for a properly licensed and insured serviced apartment in Sukhumvit, look no further than Lohas Residences. In any case, a serviced apartment might suit your requirements better than a regular hotel. If you travel a lot, you will appreciate the more comfortable feel of your own apartment. Equipped with everything you could desire to feel at home, travelers on extended stays will get more out of choosing a serviced apartment. Not only homelier, but if you’re planning to stay pretty central in Bangkok, getting a serviced apartment in Sukhumvit will work out cheaper than a hotel too. In a serviced apartment you can even cook your own food. But we also offer an international breakfast buffet for when you’re too tired to cook. No constant checking in and out of hotels or searching online for available rooms. You’ll feel much more at home with a Serviced Apartment in Sukhumvit. Lohas Residences Serviced Apartments have fully fitted kitchens, a dining area, washing machine/dryer, a TV and high speed Wi-Fi internet. We also have a rooftop pool, sun deck, Jacuzzi, Sauna and fitness center. Please contact us if you wish to learn more about our serviced apartments in Sukhumvit.