What could be more disappointing to have your holiday spoiled by a scam. However, just like in any big city, scams can happen. Therefore, it is good to be aware of the most common scams in the Thai capital and how to avoid them.

Taxis: Besides tuk tuk drivers (more to that later), taxis in Bangkok are well-known to deny destinations or scam passengers with a higher fare, especially foreigners. By law, taxis are required to bring to your requested destination and always use the meter. In reality, this is often not the case, they claim there is too much traffic or don't know the way to your destination. If they agree, sometimes a made-up rate is introduced instead of using the meter. Especially in the tourist areas of the hotels along Sukhumvit road this seems to be a common scam. One thing to avoid this, is ask at your hotel reception to order a taxi for you. In most cases those are reliable and honest cabs using the meter and no detour towards your destination. Technology has brought you another excellent alternative to ordinary taxis, the ride-hauling service Grab (similar to Uber in other countries). You can use Grab mobile application for taxi and motorcycle rides. The rate varies according to time and place of your request and is slightly higher than official metered taxis. But you can be absolutely sure to pay the displayed price and arriving at your destination without further hassle. One thing you could try if there is no Grab taxi available or the waiting time is too long, propose the Grab rate shown before the booking to a regular taxi as a fixed rate and see if they are willing to drive you.

Tuk Tuk: Besides tourist areas and some fresh markets as means of goods transport, they have almost disappeared from Bangkok's roads. Tuk tuk's don't have a meter and the price is always determined before the ride. Fares that seem to be very cheap or even for free include a visit to a souvenir shop, where the driver receives a commission on your visit or sale. Other than for short rides for two or three persons or just for the experience of driving it, you should aim for a taxi. It's more comfortable, safe and will need similar time to your destination.

Grand Palace: This is a classic scam in Bangkok and the internet is full of anecdotes and warnings, one is wondering that it's still working. Once you are near the Grand Palace, touts will tell you the place is closed today or offering themselves as a guide and take you in their own tuk tuk there (very handy, isn't it?). Always buy your ticket at the official ticket kiosk and take a registered guide inside the palace.

Change when purchasing something: Not a scam per se but often occurring though is the situation that when paying a small amount with a 1,000 Baht bill you receive the wrong change or the vendors don't have change at all. Always keep some smaller notes or coins in your wallet and if you need to break down larger bills, go to any convenience store and buy something like water or chewing gum to receive small change.

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