If you’re thinking of coming to Thailand for medical treatment and wondering where to stay near Bumrungrad hospital,Lohas Residences is walking distance from Bumrungrad – or just 5 minutes away by taxi. It’s the perfect base from which to get treatment at Bumrungrad, one of the largest private hospitals in all of Southeast Asia. It is Thailand’s first private hospital to be accredited by the Healthcare Accreditation Institute and has one of the world’s largest private sector outpatient clinics. Bumrungrad hospital also provides world class 24-hour emergency care, including emergency cardiac catheterization and has international referral offices all around the world.

Lohas Residences is great for being near Bumrungrad; it is a comfortable, affordable place to recuperate from treatment and highly recommended. There are also many great restaurants and useful amenities nearby – which will certainly come in handy. Aside from all the Thai food, we recommend Nadimos Lebanese Restaurant, or Beirut Café just at the top of Soi 2. If you’re feeling up to it, there’s also a wealth of entertainment just around the corner in Soi 4 (Soi Nana). Take your pick of how to spend your Rest and Recuperation time!

How to get to Bumrungrad hospital

To get a taxi, just tell the driver “rong-paya-barn bum-roong-rad”. Even faster, a motorbike taxi is just 3 minutes from Lohas Residences to Bumrungrad.

If you prefer to walk from Lohas Residences, just exit onto Sukhumvit Soi 2 and turn right. Walk all the way up Soi 2, then use the footbridge to cross the main road, then turn left. Take the next right onto Sukhumvit Soi 1 and walk up Soi 1, taking the 2nd right; you'll see it's sign-posted “Soi Bumrungrad”.

Getting home

There will be staff outside the hospital to help you get a taxi back from the hospital to nearby Lohas Residences – just tell them “Lohas Residence, Sukhumvit Soi song” – “song” is the Thai word for “2”.

We’re here to help you have a pleasant stay near Bumrungrad, while convalescing from medical treatment. From all at Lohas Residences, we wish you good health.