There are many questions to ask yourself when wading through the mass of choices and hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital. Bangkok is a gigantic city with a vast amount of people, and choosing a hotel can be daunting. However, with Lohas Residences, you have no worries. Lohas offers beautiful rooms with a great selection of food at your doorstep. Do you want to relax at the pool before you head out into the bustling crowd? Then, don’t fret or stress because when deciding which of the hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital to stay; Lohas is your place.

Why? You might ask. Here is why.

The best place to learn about and experience one of the world’s most renowned cities is Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Rd. Lohas Residences is a hop skip and jump from Bumrungrad. With our quiet rooms and convenient geography; we offer an appealing location good for both excitement and relaxation. When you talk about the best of both worlds Lohas and Bumrungrad are a team that can’t be beaten.

You can find several small Mom ’n’ Pop shops to enjoy amazing Thai food within feet of both the hotel and hospital. Not to mention the plethora of western food; Italian, Mexican, French; you name it, and it tastes wonderful.

Whether you want that crazy night on the town or that relaxing place to hear music and eat. You’ll find it just by taking a stroll down the street. You can find anything for everyone near Bumrungrad Hospital and Sukhumvit Rd.

Do you like shopping for hand knit scarves or shawls? Then Sukhumvit Rd is the place to go. Perhaps you want a handmade suit for half the price and all the quality of what you’d find back home? You'll find it right down the road from Lohas Residences.

So when you are mulling over hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital and Bangkok’s amazing Sukhumvit area, give Lohas a call, it’s the best place for all.