In this guide we will give you helpful tips what kind of clothing is your best choice when coming to Bangkok for a few days. Exploring Bangkok from your hotel in Sukhumvit is fun but you must know that there are hot temperatures and a high humidity pretty much all year round. Additionally, there are some social norms to observe if you don't want to attract attention.

You should bring light and airy clothes, ideally made from linen or other similar breathable fabric is ideal. Remember, the sunshine is strong and makes you feel hotter than it is and also can cause a sunburn. Therefore, even it is so warm try to cover your arms and legs. Nowadays, there are thin jackets or shirts available, that protect you from UV-rays but have good breathability. You can find these at the well-known chain stores or sport stores. In terms of social etiquette and politeness, especially for women, your clothing items should reach your knee and cover your shoulder.

As mentioned above, it is considered polite to cover your shoulders and knees. This goes especially for entering temples or sacred areas, in a lesser extent also for government institutions. Please do yourself a favor and even it is hot, don't walk around in singlets, tank tops or hot pants - Bangkok is a city and not the beach. However, in case the guards at your attraction are very strict, you could carry a sarong or scarf and tie around your waist and cover your shoulders. Many places also rent out these items for a small fee.

Talking about footwear, light and comfortable shoes are your best choice. Sandals or slippers let your feet breathe and avoid smelling. They are also handy for another custom, to remove shoes before entering temples and houses, sometimes even shops. Another benefit for open shoes, during rainy season it will have serious downpours and temporary flooding. You can just walk through the water, rinse them off, and they will dry quickly while your sneakers might be ruined after that.