Thai food has reached world acclaim as one of the tastiest and flavourful cuisine of the world. Some of its dishes even made it into the world top food list from CNN travel and other well-known travel and culinary magazines. The city of Bangkok plays a special role as melting pot of different regional cuisines of Thailand as well as the influences of various ethnicities that have settled in Bangkok since the past. Therefore, one can expect diverse food and taste the distinctive cuisine of Bangkok. Here are some dishes that you should not miss trying during your stay in Bangkok:

Pad Thai

Definitely Thailand's most famous dish and often the first meal to someone new in Thailand as it is not spicy though full of the usual flavours of Thai cuisine: salty, sour, sweet and spicy (in this case the Chili powder is given as a condiment and added by yourself so anyone can adjust). Pad Thai is basically stir-fried rice noodle with dried shrimp, bean sprouts, tofu and egg. Variations are with fresh shrimp, Thai oysters or seafood. Pad Thai is a Bangkok street food staple and the stalls preparing it are usually specialized in cooking only this one dish. Because of its popularity for Thais and Foreigner alike, just have a look around the hotels near Nana BTS and we're sure you can find it.

Tom Yum soup

This sour and spicy soup is full of characteristic flavours from lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal and lime juice. It is usually available with fresh shrimp or seafood but also chicken is possible and can be found all over Bangkok in proper restaurants as well as at the street food stalls.

Khao mok gai

Translated as Biryani, spiced or yellow rice with chicken, this food originates from the Muslim population of Thailand and can be found in variations across the Muslim world in many Asian countries. It consists of chicken pieces slowly boiled in curry spiced rice which gets its unique yellow colour and distinct flavour from curcumin powder. It is served with a sweet Chili sauce and cucumber salad.

Kway teau reua or Boat Noodle

They were previously served from small boats along the canals and rivers of Bangkok and central Thailand but nowadays mostly land-bound in specialized soup kitchens with huge pots of this delicacy. The base of Boat Noodles is a dark, slow-cooked broth with meat, herbs and dried spices served with rice noodles. The unique hour-long simmering makes this one of the most flavourful soups you might have ever tasted.

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