While Thailand is often seen as a place to relax at the beach or discover the numerous temples it is overlooked that the country is one of the leading destinations for medical tourism in Asia. What are the reasons why people decide to come to Thailand for medical treatment?

Routine procedures and health check-ups are much cheaper here than in other parts of the world. They mostly just require an outpatient visit and won't take too much time of your holiday. Adding to a reasonable price, the waiting times for these treatments are short and can sometimes be arranged on the same day. Even extensive surgeries can be done in relatively less time but you need to have your medical records and discuss the details in advance.

Here comes another advantage of Thailand — and Bangkok in particular — as destination for medical tourists. The hospitals have vast experience of dealing with foreign visitors, an excellent customer service and dedicated staff and doctors only for foreign patients. Many Thai doctors studied abroad or participated in trainings to acquire the newest skills from places like the US, Germany and Japan. Apart from the human factor, the standard of the hospital and their rooms is very high in private hospitals in Thailand with an interior resembling luxury hotels and featuring restaurants and shops inside the hospital.

What you can be assured, is the quality and professionalism of the hospitals in Thailand. Bangkok has more than 20 Joint Commission International (JCI) approved hospitals and some more in other major cities. JCI ensures that a hospital is offering the latest techniques and equipment for surgery and patient treatment. One of the most prestigious hospitals that is also JCI accredited is the Bumrungrad Hospital. Our hotel is ideally located near Bumrungrad hospital and the perfect location for you and your family if you are planning a medical treatment there.

Beside surgery or routine procedures dentistry is one of the most popular treatments for foreigners respectively medical tourists. Why is that? Because the cost for dentistry is only about half of the cost of many Western countries.