When you stay at Lohas Residences Sukhumvit Hotel we offer you everything you need, like great food, good drinks, nice people and a relaxing massage within a short distance from the hotel.

Head out of the hotel and make your way to the Nana BTS stop. From there it’s off to the On Nut stop and Buddy’s Bar and Grill. Buddy’s is located at Soi 59, so you’ll want to make sure to get off on the odd side of Sukhumvit, which is the other side of the street as the Lohas Residences Hotel. Buddy’s has a fun atmosphere with grilled garlic ribs and great beer prices. The owner is a down to earth gentleman and the patrons are a fun bunch too.

If you are looking for Mexican food look no further than The Missing Burro. The Missing Burro is located at Sukhumvit 55 (Thong Lor). This open-air cantina is a short walk down Thong Lo Soi 7 alley from Soi 55. The food here is outstanding with a menu brought to you by two brothers who came over from Mexico and love to make people happy with their country’s cuisine. P.S. Don’t forget to try a Pambazo

When you are good and full after the Burro head back out to Soi 55, take a right, and not too many steps away you will find The Rabbit Hole. The Rabbit Hole is a nice lounge with an interesting and eclectic drink menu along with the usual culprits to quench your thirst. The music and decor create a nice ambiance and you’ll find an interesting crowd there also.

When you are finished with your amazing food and drinks, head over to the Phrom Phong at Sukhumvit Soi 26. Here you can experience a Japenese Onsen at Yunomori Japanese Onsen & Spa. Yunomori was the first authentic Japanese Onsen in Thailand. Bathe in the healing onsen

water from the thermal springs of Wat Wangkanai; then move on to an herbal aromatic massage and a body scrub.

You will leave here relaxed and invigorated, not to mention feeling otherworldly.