You’ll need a lot of comfort and relaxation after going under the knife. In fact, some patients are advised not to engage in any stressful activity for several weeks or months!

Health matters are not to be played with, that is why people travel the world in search of high-quality medical care.

Bumrungrad Hospital is regarded as one of biggest and best privately owned hospitals in South East Asia and hence lots of people from around the globe come for treatments here. Lohas Residences is just a stone throw from this great hospital.

Over the years, sick people have visited this hospital and then turned to the hotels nearby for comfort or recovery. Also, because the Bumrungrad Hospital draws thousands of medical tourists all year round, more and more people look for hotels with comfort and quality services just to keep up with their routine appointments with the Medicare.

If this is your case, then think of nothing else but Lohas Residences. As a healthy vacationer at Lohas Residences, you are assured that quality medical care is just one call away. If you're a patient, it means you can incorporate your Medicare with a swell vacation into your schedule.

Lohas Residences hotel provides you with different pre-surgery and post-surgery accommodation depending on your choice and budget. The management of the hotel has researched the needs for post-surgery recovery and alongside its safe and comfortable environment; it is surely the best hotel for recovery after surgery.

Whether you want to book an apartment, a villa, a hotel or a suite, as long as it suits you and your budget, Lohas Residences has all the accommodations.

The hotel has invested in several state-of-the-art amenities that ensure fast and safe rejuvenation after going under the blades.

The Bumrungrad Hospital is just about 2km away from Lohas Residences and what could be better than a hotel located strategically at a place where you have easy access to other mind-blowing spots for hangout and fun in the highly developed city of Bangkok!

This should be a perfect blend of exquisite vacation and building lasting health.