If you should ever require medical treatment, may it be arranged or in an emergency, you can rest assured that the standard of the health services in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, are outstanding and equivalent to western standards. Hospitals, private and government ones, provide foreign patients the best services which include state-of-the-art facilities and medical equipment, internationally trained doctors and multilingual staff.

Besides solid government hospitals, which undertake treatments and checkups for a very attractive price, some private hospitals offer special promotional packages to foreign patients. These factors made Thailand to one of the leading destinations for medical tourism in Asia. Official numbers estimate that over 1 million people come to Thailand to receive medical treatment of any kind.

The range of medical treatments ranges from orthopedic spinal surgery over plastic surgery up to reasonably priced orthodontic replacements. Why not combine your hospital treatment, checkup or surgery with a relaxing holiday afterwards. Health check-ups and routine procedures such as colonoscopies or physical therapy are significantly cheaper than in most western countries. Arrange your Out-Patient visit in advance and don't waste much time from enjoying the rest of your holiday. Time is also another important advantage for treatments in Thailand regarding short waiting times, even for extensive surgeries. For example MRI scans can be often done on the same day as your admittance into hospital and for surgeries there could be just 3 days preparation time required, provided you contact the hospital in advance and sent your medical records.

Out of the several excellent international hospitals, one is still considered to be the best choice amongst foreign patients. Bumrungrad International Hospital is centrally located in the heart of Bangkok and a world leader in medical tourism. Put up at the hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital before and after your treatment or let your family reside there during your stay in the hospital. Consider your medical surgery or health check up in Bangkok's hospital and you will get the best treatment.

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