Without a doubt, Bangkok is a paradise for foodies and offers everything from cheap and tasty street food to gourmet cuisine. As Thailand being a big country and influenced by its neighbours and immigrants there are existing regional variations of the local Thai cuisine. However, the capital city of Bangkok combines them all and making it a great place to try a bit of everything. Another good thing is the perfect availability of food in Bangkok. It’s never far from your hotel in Sukhumvit. to some street food stall or proper restaurant and many of them are opened until late. Following are dishes that a food lover shouldn’t miss.

A selection of must-try dishes

Thailand is well known for its curries and by judging of CNN travel experts the Massaman Curry ranks as number 1 for the world’s best food. It combines spicy, sweet and savoury flavours in a rich coconut sauce and can be found on nearly every street corner. Another pan-asian classic is fried rice, but the one in Thailand is special and worth a try. If you are looking for noodle dishes, sample some Pad Thai or Pad Si Ew. Both are stir-fried dishes made from rice noodles, eggs, vegetables and sliced meat or seafood. Probably those foods are popular with foreigners because they are not spicy but can be adjusted by adding dried chilli on your plate. However, for the more adventurous and people who like to eat spicy food, you should try some dishes from the north-east of Thailand such as Som Tum (green papaya salad) or Larb (minced meat salad). A very beloved desert is sticky rice with mango, which is unfortunately only available during mango season. Other traditional Thai sweets are coconut ice cream served on a sandwich bread or Bua Loy (rice flour dumplings in sweet coconut milk). Beverages in Thailand are loaded with sugar and could almost count as a complete meal but still worth trying. Popular drinks are Cha Nom Yen (Thai ice tea), Cha Manao (Lemon ice tea) or the now rare O-liang (Thai-style ice coffee).

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