If you are planning to take a romantic tour in Bangkok as a newlywed couple during your honeymoon you have plenty of choice. The recommendations depending on your interests and available time, for example you could enjoy a river cruise, cook some authentic Thai food or simply explore the attractions and sights of the capital. Join some of those handpicked tours, located nearby your hotel in Sukhumvit

Apsara River Cruise

The Apsare River Cruise is certainly one of the most romantic things you can do in Bangkok. This boat is truly luxury and the delicious menu will treat both of you. Enjoy sailing softly down the river and see the temples and palaces passing by at a slow pace. This journey on a romantic converted rice barge is not to be compared with the usual tourist trips, and so is the classy five course Thai menu served at your table and not a hectic buffet.

Vertigo and Moon Bar Rooftop Dinner

Bangkok surely can boast with a huge number of rooftop bars but Vertigo has always been among the favorites. The entire top of the building hosts a bar and restaurant and the design is modern-futuristic. Couples can enjoy an incredibly romantic dinner with small tables lit by candlelight and the fantastic view of Bangkok spread out below.

Private cooking class at Blue Elephant

Book your very own cooking class with a master chef and no other students to worry about. Blue Elephant is known as one of the best cooking schools and traditional restaurants in Thailand. It is located on the top floor of their heritage restaurant in Silom. The well-trained instructors teach everyone, whether amateur or skilled chef, the secrets of cooking delicious and authentic Thai dishes.

Bang Krajao Island Cycling Adventure

In the middle of the capital awaits you a green jewel — Bang Krajao island. An undeveloped and protected wilderness area with facilities for active visitors. Stroll along paths and walkways, rent a bicycle and drive along the canal and through the jungle or enjoy the view from a lookout tower. Historical buildings, authentic restaurants and neat cafes invite the visitors for a short stop with the highlight being a fighting fish gallery with displays of live fishes. Bang Krajao can be easily reached through a serene ferry ride across the Chao Phraya River. Once you reach the island you can continue by foot or bicycle.

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