The Don Mueang International Airport is one of the two international airports serving Bangkok (the other one being Suvarnabhumi Airport) and located in the northern part of the city. While not connected to a mass transport system such as train or subway there are basically two possibilities to reach Lohas Residences in Sukhumvit Soi 2.

The first one is to take one of the so-called airport express buses. These orange air-conditioned buses are now operating on five lines A1 to A5. For a fast and efficient transport they partly use an elevated motorway to avoid the traffic jams of Bangkok. We recommend our guests to use either the A1 or A2 bus lines until the BTS station Mo Chit and then change to the Skytrain of the light green line (also called Sukhumvit line) until exiting at Nana station. From here it will be 1 km by foot, taxi, tuk-tuk or motorcycle taxi until you reach the Lohas Residences Hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 2.

The departure of the buses are according to the schedule every 30 minutes but in reality they leave in shorter intervals. Operating hours are from 7am to midnight every day. The cost of a bus ticket is 30 Baht and the journey will take less than 30 minutes to the BTS station Mo Chit. A ticket for the Skytrain until Nana station will cost you another 40 Baht. The BTS is operating from 6am until midnight every day.

This is generally the fastest way to reach us but it might be a bit tedious if you have some big pieces of luggage to carry as you have to change the mode of transport two times and during rush hours it can be pretty packed in the buses and trains.

Therefore, the second mode of transport we recommend is to take a taxi from Don Mueang Airport to Lohas Residences. The taxis are located in the arrival hall of the International Terminal (also called Terminal 1). There is a public queuing system where the staff will ask you for your destination and hand you a small note with the name of the taxi driver, his registration and license plate number and your desired destination. Keep this note with you in case of any problems or complaints that you want to report. The taxi fare is calculated by meter plus a 50 Baht airport surcharge, the passengers are required to pay eventual tollway fees. The distance to our hotel is about 25 km and takes about 30 minutes to one hour, depending on traffic conditions. The journey will be mostly on an elevated motorway without major traffic jams but the last leg of 3 km will be done on normal roads which can be quite busy during rush hours. Lastly, the cost of a taxi is around 200 Baht excluding motorway fees but the actual fare may vary on the time being stuck in traffic.