Are you on medical tourism in Bangkok? Have you chosen to undergo your desired medical care at Bumrungrad hospital? The next thing on your mind must be decent/suitable hotels near Bumrungrad hospital where you can rest before/after your treatment.

Bumrungrad hospital is about the biggest privately owned hospital you will find in south-east Asia.

Asides having some of the most contemporary technology in healthcare facilities and equipment, Bumrungrad hospital is located in a very serene environment in the much busy Sukhumvit area.

You may have booked an appointment with a medical professional in Bumrungrad hospital but what may be another headache is finding a suitable hotel near the hospital which can make it easy for you to have easy access to it in case of an emergency.

Although Bumrungrad hospital is on Sukhumvit road where there are several hotels, one of the recommendable hotels that you can book a place at is Lohas Residences.

Lohas Residences is just about 10 minutes from Bumrungrad hospital and is a great recovery facility after the medical appointment at the hospital.

At Lohas Residences, we have nice and warm staff that are hospitable and attend to each of our customers’ needs promptly.

The rooms are clean, comfortable and well furnished. There are also fitness facilities in case our patients love keeping fit. Did you also have a surgery? Lohas Residences has post-surgery facilities to ensure that you do not take longer than expected to recover.

Another great point on Lohas Residences is the tuk-tuk service available at the hotel. The service allows you to have access to Bumrungrad hospital at any time. Especially in cases of an emergency.

The tuk-tuk service also gives you an easy access to different choice locations on Sukhumvit road and the rest of the city for little or almost nothing.

If you are at Lohas and have appointments with your doctor at Bumrungrad hospital, the hotel has a system to remind you of your appointment so you are prepared and not do things in a panic.

An excellent medical tour depends on your access to your doctor, and the amount of relaxation after treatment. So booking a place at Lohas which is one of the hotels near Bumrungrad hospital is the best thing to do.