Thailand has a good reputation in terms of a destination for medical tourism. It offers quality healthcare, excellent facilities and affordable prices. Because of this, every year more and more patients are choosing Thailand for their medical treatment.

One thing many potential patients consider, are the treatment costs in Thailand. On average, the costs in Thailand are lower than in America or the UK. Depending on your insurance or healthcare provider, some do even reimburse the cost if you discuss with them in advance. Even the cost for a procedure is lower, that doesn't mean you experience sub-standard service and amenities. Private hospitals are offering a high level of comfort and convenience and are certified by international medical institutions as JCI or ISO. For example, Bumrungrad International Hospital offers 5-star studio apartment-sized rooms, state-of-the-art medical equipment and English-speaking staff. Given its central location in the centre of Bangkok city, there are many hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital to choose from.

Regardless which hospital you choose, many Doctors and nurses in Thailand have been studying and training at Western universities or hospitals. Thai doctors meet requirements of globally recognized medical boards and are more than capable of offering you the highest standards of care. Another advantage of a possible treatment at a Thai hospital is the offer of a package that includes all medical and hospital fees. You have to divide between a package offered by the hospital or a private company, which then usually creates an all-inclusive deal covering transport, accommodation before and after your procedure as well as visa-related issues. Besides a specific treatment, health check ups are offered by many hospitals in Bangkok and other major Thai cities. A check up in Thailand can offer you a cheaper price and shorter wait times as in your home country together with more convenience. Thai hospitals are geared toward convenience and for many medical tourists, that’s more than enough reason to fly to Thailand to get a general check up.

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