First the good news for all visitors from the northern hemisphere — it is never getting really cold in Bangkok. The whole country of Thailand enjoys a tropical country with one peak rain season in the central area where Bangkok is located. Generally the year can be separated into a cool, hot and rainy season. However, the locals tend to joke and name them hot, hotter and hottest periods of the year. So what does all that mean for your travel plans?

We will start with the most pleasant time in Bangkok, the colder months from November to February. Remember that cold in that particular case defines temperatures below 30° C and slightly reduced humidity, also the chance of rainfall is less. However, the refreshment largely depends on cold spells from China and Vietnam and rarely last more than a few days. The cool season is also the peak season with more tourists, full hotels and slightly higher prices. Nonetheless, this is undoubtedly the ideal time to visit Bangkok, if not Thailand at all.

From March to May to temperatures will rise to sweltering 40 °C and rings in the hot season. Outside activities may suffer from the high temperatures and it is not really comfortable during daytime — you might instead stay inside your serviced apartment in Sukhumvit. What could attract you is that every April the Thai New Year (or Songkran) is going to happen. It is a four-day public holiday and turns the city into a big water fight and party zone. So if that is your kind of thing you should consider coming during this time of the year.

The only rainy season of the capital lasts roughly from June to October. Contrary to the south or east of Thailand doesn't that necessarily mean it's raining for days. Actually there will be an afternoon shower almost every day and it is often cloudy, which brings slightly lower temperatures but with high humidity. If you are flexible and able to plan your daily activities according to the circumstances of the weather, you can indeed enjoy this time of the year. The reason is that it is considered as low season with fewer crowds and lower prices.

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