The Italians invented it in Naples, Americans changed it in Chicago and malicious gossip has it that the Asians spoiled it. At least if you try a pizza at one of the franchise chains which resembles not much of what used to be an authentic Italian pizza Napoli, the very origin of this worldwide popular and loved dish. However, since good Italian chefs spread all over the globe and opening pizza parlors at every thinkable location, Bangkok has received some of these blessings and now you are able to find a good pizza in the Thai capital. We listed a range of restaurants from each neighborhood, never far from your hotel in Sukhumvit, but we apologize that the list is far from complete.

Il Bolognese Trattoria e Pizzeria (139/3 Sathorn Soi 7)

As the name suggests, a downright comforting traditional and authentic trattoria with Italian spirit. Patrons mention the wonderful crisp yet pillowy base that is still moist but burnt on the edges as it should be. Try the original Margherita for 390 Baht with a good tomato base and tangy buffalo mozzarella.

Pizza Pala Romana (under walkway of MRT Sukhumvit/BTS Asoke)

An institution of Asok district and resulting of much love-hate conversation if this is an authentic pizza, not to mention a proper restaurant setting, the crowds seem to love it. The pizza is done in Roman-style with a thicker and crunchier dough and as a square. Favorites are the Cappriciosa with tasty San Marzano tomatoes and artichokes and the Cinque Formaggi with five different varieties of cheeses satisfies cheese lovers more than adequate.

Peppina (five branches across Bangkok)

Serving strictly Naples-style pizza, made to the rules of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, this comes probably the closest to what pizza used to be in the old days. The long fermentation and selected flour results in a tangy and soft crust that is slightly chewy but also crispy due to the blazing hot stone stove. Surprisingly, a simple Marinara pizza with only tomatoes, garlic and fresh Italian basil leaves is the signature dish of this place.

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