Besides excellent medical institutions, the well-known Thai hospitality and lastly a cost saving potential, there are not many other destinations that can compete with Bangkok in terms of healthcare. The hospitals and clinics in Bangkok have world-class standard and are certified by international institutions, they also have received awards for consecutive years for being the best medical facilities in Asia. Bangkok has grown as a destination for health tourism in the last years and the hospitals have specialized staff and packages exclusively for foreigners.

That includes foreign-language speaking nurses and doctors as well as consideration of special dietary needs such as Halal or Kosher food. The foreign patient department will also take care of any visa related issues and assisting you with the application, extension and other paperwork. Further, you will experience true hospitality and not feel like in a hospital but rather than in a luxury hotel. For outpatient treatments or diagnosis, the hospitals will help you find accommodation, for example hotels near Bumrungrad hospital. Nowadays every hospital will have individually tailored packages available at reasonable prices. That includes birth packages, check-ups or plastic surgery. These packages include the treatments, accommodation, your personal assistant and even sightseeing.

Besides the conventional medicinal treatments Thailand has a long history of ancient tradition of herbal medicine and holistic treatments. Thai massage and meditation can contribute to your healing and recovery process. Several hospitals specialize in herbal medicine and traditional treatments that can only be found in Thailand. Also, the doctors at these hospitals work together with their conventional colleagues and blend the newest as well as traditional treatments together.

Once you are finished with your treatment, Bangkok and Thailand is a perfect place to recover and relax. May it be the many shops, restaurants and shopping malls or the unique landscape of Thailand ranging from the fresh air at the highlands to the crystal clear water and white sand of its many beaches. Thailand is a perfect place for your healthcare related travel.

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