Are you in Bangkok for fun? Nana Plaza is one location that you dare not miss.

As the city goes to sleep at night, Nana Plaza comes up, alive.

You can have fun with the boys, or even with the girls at Nana Plaza. There are drinks of different types – wines and beers sold at this plaza and at different prices. If you are willing to let go of a few bahts, you are in for so much fun in Nana Plaza.

There is a strip joint, nightclubs, several massage parlors, and a handful of women ready to entertain anyone who is into such stuff through the night.

To have a real good feel for this joint, most tourists often want to book hotels near Nana Plaza.

But although most of the activities done here might be considered indecent to a judgmental few, if you are down for such activities and want to blow off some steam, then renting a hotel around should be top of your list. If you are thinking 'are there decent hotels near Nana Plaza?' Yes!

Nana Plaza is situated in the ever busy Sukhumvit road, the same road where Lohas Residences is planted. Although the main Sukhumvit road isn’t the place where all these go down, the appended alleys are where you can get world-class hotels and restaurants and of course the Nana Plaza.

After having a wonderful day at Lohas, a brilliant nightlife awaits you at Nana Plaza. The tuk-tuk service of Lohas hotel can drop you at the location and come back to pick you when you're done.

Nana Plaza is located at Soi 4, which is just a walking distance from Lohas Residences that is located in Soi 2. You can also get to the Nana BTS Skytrain station by walking. It is on Soi 9.

Nana Plaza is a place for adult entertainment as much as Lohas is a place for relaxation. These two often work together because a little bit of relaxation and entertainment keeps an individual beaming with zeal to live.

There can be no better interweaving of those factors better than finding a decent hotel near Nana Plaza, and if you didn’t know, now you are aware that Lohas Residences is worth considering.