Bumrungrad hospital is surrounded by many other hospitality facilities. After the appointment with your doctor, you deserve somewhere comfortable to stay and recover. This place obviously isn’t in the hospital.

While those who can afford it can spend any amount just to secure the most expensive place around or the most expensive vicinity, some are actually on a budget.

You do not want your accommodation to cost much more than your healthcare already has. That is why it is always good to make your research before deciding on which hotel to book near Bumrungrad.

While there are several hotels around, everyone will be looking to get one that is affordable and suitable for their needs - that is providing quality service at an affordable price.

As a medical tourist, you might ask, “Are there affordable hotels near Bumrungrad?”

There is good news from Lohas Residences. Located at a walk-able distance from Bumrungrad hospital, the hotel is built to cater to the needs of everyone, whether you want a lavish lifestyle or you are on a budget.

Lohas Residences is clean and serene, an environment that provides suitable facilities for recovering patients who just need fresh air and relaxation. Asides that, the hotel also has services that are customizable like customized rooms and decorations as seen with serviced apartments, laced with fitness gyms and studio apartments.

After proper recovery, you might want to have a feel for the whole city before leaving for your place of abode. Lohas offers a tuk-tuk service that will link you to various hotspots in the city of Bangkok.

The staffs at Lohas are warm and hospitable. Also, your daily breakfast is on us.

Our rooms are decently furnished to taste and mounted with plasma TVs, clean furniture, washing machine, coffee maker and a kitchenette. In case you can’t wash on your own, there is a laundry service to handle all washing and ironing needs.

When you are in dire need of affordable hotels near Bumrungrad, Lohas Residences should make the top of the list.