Cosmetic Services

Adam's Apple Shaving (38,000 THB)
Arm Lift (92,000 THB) - 2 nights stay
Breat Enlargement (Inquire)
Breast Lift (Inquire)
Breast Reduction (Inquire)
Butt Lift (110,000 THB) -  2 nights stay
Buttocks Augmentation (150,000 THB) - 3 nights stay
Cheek Implants (Inquire)
Cheekbone Reduction (80,000 THB) - 1 night stay
Chin Advancement & Chin Implant (Inquire)
CoolSculpting (25,000 THB)
Cosmetic Gynocology (Inquire)
Eyelid Lift (Inquire)
Facelift (Inquire)
Facial Feminization Surgery (Inquire)
Female-to-Male Sex Reassignment Surgery (Inquire)
Mandibular Angle Reduction (Inquire)
Nose Implant (Inquire)
Nose Reshaping (Inquire)
Sex Reassignment Surgery (Inquire)
Thigh Lift (110,000 THB) - 2 nights stay
Tummy Tuck (Inquire)
Vericose (Inquire)
Voice Change Surgery (100,000 THB) - 2 nights stay

Skin Services

Accent Ultra (Inquire)
Aurora (Inquire)
Botox (Inquire)
Carboxytherapy (Inquire)
CO2 Laser (Inquire)
Dermal Filling with Hyaluronic Acid (17,000 - 19,000 THB per treatment)
Dual Laser (Inquire)
Electroporation (Electropermeabilization) (1,200 THB per treatment)
Gentle YAG Laser (Inquire)
Iontophoresis and Photophoresis (700 THB per treatment)
Microdermabrasion (Inquire)
Nd YAG Laser (Inquire)
Q-Ray Laser Treatment (Inquire)
Q-Switch Ruby Laser (Inquire)
RE-GEN (Inquire)
Thermage (Inquire)
TRINITI - Perfect skin Rejuvenation (15,000 THB per treatment)
Ulthera (Inquire)
V-Beam Laser (Inquire)

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