It isn't an uncommon thought that a worthwhile vacation will likely eat deep into your budget. Yes! In some locations, it surely will. But what is the hope for those who do not have so much lavish money to throw around?

Everyone deserves to have value for their hard-earned money and if you are looking to go on a vacation that will fulfill your fantasies without blasting a huge hole through your wallet, then Lohas Residences hotel has got just what you are looking for.

Located in the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand, the edifice that is Lohas Residences is built to be a home away from home.

Lohas Residences is more than a hotel. There's a lot of perks crammed into this magnificent 4-star hotel which should make it super expensive but interestingly, not. From clean and well furnished good sized rooms to servings of delicious delicacies and washing machines in all rooms for the freedom to do that laundry when & how you please, Lohas has got everything mapped out.

Besides having services for low budgets, Lohas Residences is located in a highly industrialized vicinity where you can have access to quite a lot of popular views without having to spend much on transportation.

The tuk-tuk service provided at the hotel charges next to nothing to convey visitors all around Sukhumvit. The numerous parks and the popular Bumrungrad Hospital situated in Sukhumvit is a popular destination among people on sick vacation (the hospital) or looking to have fun and escape from the stress of work. There are other popular world-class shopping malls, game houses, and fashion boutiques and centers all situated close to Lohas Residences and the cheap tuk-tuk service can convey you around for a small token.

Not leaving out the warm and receptive staff! Whatever your needs are, all you have to do is make a request and the well-trained staff to ensure you are treated right. There are few hotels that will provide you with such services in the whole of Bangkok without you paying heavily for it. That is one of the reasons why people flood Lohas Residences because it has services for just everyone!

So before you write off that vacation to Bangkok and deny yourself the time of your life because you are running low on finances, remember Lohas Residences has got you covered.