Have you asked yourself what the perfect getaway vacation should look like?

Everyone is entitled to their choice of an ideal vacation getaway. While some folks would be utterly mesmerized by the thoughts of powdery beaches, calm water, boat trips, for others, the ideal spot is a calm, quiet space perfect for sharing quality time with people that matter most to them. No matter your preference, Bangkok, Thailand remains one of the best locations that combine both effortlessly.

Thailand is rich in history and culture, with world-class buildings, historical museums, and relics as well as contemporary technology that is obtainable in many renowned cities of the world. If you are thinking about Bangkok, there is one location that is a must, Sukhumvit road.

Sukhumvit road is one of the longest roads in Bangkok with numerous entertainment and fun activities for vacationers. There are quite a number of hotels on Sukhumvit road but one that stands out from the many hotels in the area and known for the quality of services is the Lohas Residences hotels.

Lohas Residences offers one great hospitality services in Bangkok and is also situated in one of the most fun environments in the beautiful city.

Lohas Residences is known to feed visitors' hunger for adventure and at the same time, help them to live green with its use of eco-friendly facilities. Think serenity, think design, think eco-friendliness for a sustainable society, think Lohas Residences (the secret behind the moniker LOHAS, which represents Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability).

So, if you are looking to have a swell time mixed with a lot of adventures on your vacation in Bangkok, not forgetting where you can easily get access to world class shopping malls, parks, delicious cuisines, bars and lounges and a very active nightlife, Lohas Residences hotel should be the first in your mind. If you prefer to have a quiet, private getaway, a selection of the serviced apartments is perfect for a romantic getaway.

The beautiful scenery, the environment (both high-paced and quiet serene), the services, the warmness of the staff, the size, comfort of the rooms in the hotel and the eco-friendly facilities aimed at healthy, happy living while on vacation are good reasons why you should consider making a trip to Lohas Residences for your next vacation.